Carpets & Rugs

flooring is the foundation of any beautiful room

Your home is an expression of yourself, this is why we supply, high quality and original designs of carpets and rugs for indoor and outdoor spaces including homes, offices, shops and cinema rooms.
Our collections are available both as wall-to-wall carpets and as made-to-measure variations.

We will be happy to give you professional advice and show you the versatile and variable possibilities.

Designers Guild Rugs add comfort, warmth, style and and design details. They are a stylish collection of hand-made, patterned and plain dye designer rugs. 

Ege Carpets is a Danish carpet brand that exists to design beautiful carpets for a sustainable future. By continuously rethinking the ways of production and pioneering the art of creative design, the company believes in making sustainability a beautiful choice, and  takes on the challenge and demands more of today to create a better tomorrow—one carpet at a time.

JAB ANSTOETZ stands for visionary design and top-quality textile creations that set new trends time and again. As a stylish counterpart to the fabric portfolio, Jab offers fitted carpets as well as designer flooring and rugs in the highest quality grades.

Logo Wind

Founded by the De Zutter family in 1954, Wind is today an international reference in high-quality textile creation and design. Located in Belgium in an area well reputed since as far back as the 14th Century for its textile production, Wind embodies expertise and age-old tradition. The selection of high-quality materials and the development of an innovative design where contemporary rubs shoulders with the latest trends are the signature of the Wind brand. Each collection offers a unique assortment of colours, motifs and textures exclusively proposed by the brand.

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